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Oct. 23rd 
Royal Personalities Added 3 pics to the Daniel Collert Gallery
Oct. 22nd Royal Personalities Added Prince Carl Philip Gallery 2
Oct. 21st Royal Personalities Added Prince Haakon Gallery 3
Oct. 20th Royal Countries Added Netherlands Descendants
Royal Personalities Added Prince William Publications Gallery 1, Publications Gallery 2
Oct. 19th Royal Personalities Added Prince Pavlos Gallery Two, Wedding Gallery; Added 3 photos to Prince Nicholaos Gallery
Oct. 18th  Royal Families Added House of Liechtenstein and Liechtenstein Descendants (incomplete)
Royal Countries Added Romania Main, King of Romania, Romanian Descendants
Oct. 17th Royal Personalities Added Prince Haakon Gallery 2, Prince Frederik Chronology
Oct. 16th Photo Galleries Added Liechtenstein One, Two & Three
Mediatized States Section created.
Oct. 15th Royal Families Added House of Norway, House of the Netherlands
Royal Personalities Added Eugenia, Duchess of Montoro Main, Gallery, Princess Madeleine Main, Facts, Gallery
Royal Countries Added Kings & Queens of Great Britain (bare bones)
Photo Galleries Section created.
Oct. 14th Royal Personalities Lady Gabriella Main, Gallery, Peter Philips Main, Gallery, Facts, Zara Philips Main, Gallery, England Misc Main, Lord Nicholas Facts, Lady Davina Facts
Royal Countries Added Kings of Greece, Great Britain Main, British Order of Succession
Search my Site Section created.
Oct. 13th Royal Personalities Added Lord Frederick Windsor Main, Gallery, Ancestry, Lord Frederick & Lady Gabriella Gallery
Current Monarchs Section created.
Current Heirs Section created.
Royal Families Added House of Denmark
Updated Spain
Oct. 12th Royal Personalities Added Prince Frederik Ancestry, Princess Elena Ancestry, Princess Cristina Ancestry, Prince Pavlos Ancestry
Links Updated
Oct. 11th Royal Personalities Added Princess Caroline Main, Gallery, Casiraghi Main, Andrea Gallery, Charlotte Gallery, Pierre Gallery  
Royal Families Added House of Grimaldi
Oct. 10th Royal Personalities Added Prince Carl Philip Facts, Chronology, Prince Felipe Gallery - In Uniform
Royal News Section created.
Oct. 9th Royal Personalities Added Princess Cristina Main, Gallery, Facts; Princess Elena Main, Gallery, Facts 
Oct. 8th All Site Opens.

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