1979 - May 13th Birth of Prince Carl Philip.
1980 - Jan. 1st New law enacted making the first child of the king/queen heir to the throne.  This in effect made Carl Philip no longer the heir in favor of his older sister Viktoria.
1982 - June 10th Birth of his sister Madeleine.
1984-1986 Attended Västerled parish preschool.
1986-1992 Attended Smedslättsskolan in Bromma.
1992-1994 Attended Enskilda Gymnasiet in Stockholm.
1994 Confirmed at at Vadstena Church.
1994-1996 Attended the private school Kent in Connecticut, USA.
1996-1999 Attended Lundsberg Upper Secondary School.
2000 Was doing military service at the Amphibious Batallion at Vaxholm's Coast Artillery Regiment.  Where he was training to become a combat boat commander.

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