Prince William Chronology
1982 - June 21st Birth of Prince William.
1982 - August 4th Christening at Buckingham Palace (William Arthur Philip Louis).
1983 - March Flew with his parents on a visit to Australia & New Zealand.
1984 - Sept. 15th Birth of his younger brother Henry "Harry".
1985 -1987 Attended Mrs. Mynor's Nursery school in West London.
1987 -1990 Attended Wetherby School in Kensington, London
1990 -1995 Attended Ludgrove School in Wokingham.
1991 - June William was accidentally hit on the head with a golf club, requiring a minor operation.
1992 - March Learns of the death of his grandfather (Earl Spencer) while on a ski trip in Austria.
1992 - December His parents decide to separate.
1995 -2000 Attended Eton College.
1996 - August 28th His parents legally divorce.
1997 Was Barbara Walters' Most Interesting Person of 1997
1997 - March Attended his confirmation in the Church of England.
1997 - July Vacationed in the South of France with his mother, brother and Mohammed al Fayed.
1997 - August 31st Death of his mother, Princess Diana.
1998 Named one of People's Most Beautiful People for 1998.
1998 - March Vacations in Canada with his father and brother.
1999 - April 15th Attended the christianing (where he was one of the Godfathers) of Prince Constinine Alexios of Greece.
2000 - Oct. 2nd Arrived in Chile for a character building program.
2001 The prince has said he will attend St. Andrew's University in Scotland.

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